What is the relationship among Zbill and Payment Data Systems?

Zbill is a wholly owned subsidiary of Payment Data Systems.

What is the Payment Data System's ticker symbol?

What exchange is PYDS traded on?
We are listed on the NASDAQ OTCBB. Please visit for more information on this exchange system.

How can I obtain a copy of your financial statements?
All financial information is listed on this website and at

Do you issue press releases on all contracted sales?
The Company will issue press releases on appropriate material events in compliance with disclosure regulations. Generally, the company will issue a press release for sales that we believe will have a material impact on our financials or we believe the announcement is newsworthy for other reasons.

How many shares does Payment Data Systems have outstanding?
Our most recent Annual or Quarterly SEC filing will state the shares outstanding.

What is the company's fiscal year?
Our fiscal year-end is December 31.

What are the company's filing deadlines?
Payment Data is currently a small, non-accelerated filer. A "non-accelerated filer" is an Exchange Act reporting company that has a public float under $75 million or that fails to meet other criteria for an "accelerated filer" (as defined in the Exchange Act Rule 12b-2) based on reporting characteristics. Our quarterly reports "Q's" filing deadlines are 45 days after the close of the quarterly reporting period with the exception of our fourth quarter which is reported in the annual report "10K". The 10K filing deadline is 90 days after the close of the annual reporting period.

Who is on the Board of Directors of Payment Data Systems?
Michael Long, Chairman
Louis Hoch
Peter Kirby

Does the company provide guidance on potential earnings?
We do not provide guidance on potential earnings. We have a great deal of information communicated in our annual and quarterly reports. Please see our latest filings

Does Zbill provide tours of their facility?
We are able to provide tours to interested investors, press and the general public. Please email or call 210.249.4100

How can I obtain an Investor Relations kit?
To request a media or investor kit, please email: Please email or call 210.249.4100
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Zbill is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Payment Data Systems, Inc.
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